I am interested in hiring a bus. What do I have to do?

Quite simple: call 91 680 33 75 or send us an e-mail at: comercialruiz@gruporuiz.com This e-mail address is protected against spam robots. You have to have JavaScript enabled to be able to see it. On it you can give details of the service you require, dates, type of service, contact details… and any other information you may wish to add.

How can I ask for a no-obligation estimate quickly?

The quickest way of obtaining an estimate is by using our on-line estimate calculator, which you can access from our home page or, if you prefer, you can call us on tel.: 91 680 33 75 or send us an e-mail at comercialruiz@gruporuiz.com

What type of bus can I take my trip with?

We have a very varied fleet, adapted to your needs, with over 80 buses with different characteristics and capacities.

Can I personalize a bus for a wedding or an event?

Of course you can; we will even suggest ways of doing it and help you with the design. We can also personalize the light display on the front of your bus.

Do under-3s need a chair?

Minors under the age of 3 are obliged to use an approved retention device adapted to their size and weight. This device must be provided by the passenger in charge of the minor.

How can I travel with a baby on the bus?

Since there are no legal regulations exclusively for travelling with small children and babies on buses, all GRUPO RUIZ can do is offer recommendations for taking trips with babies as comfortably and safely as possible. At present there are no safety devices such as special transportation chairs or seatbelts specifically for children. If adapted chairs for children to travel on buses are introduced in the future, they will always be provided by the passenger. GRUPO RUIZ is waiting for regulations referring the under-3s to be drafted, along with a specific, approved safety system which can be adapted to our buses.

How can I travel with a baby on the bus?

You may travel with a baby’s buggy, but it must be properly folded in the luggage hold of the bus.

Do the buses have safety belts?

Although the vast majority of the Long-distance and inter-city buses do have safety belts, there are some models from before 2007 which do not have seatbelts. The law obliges us to have safety belts in all models acquired brand new from 2007 on, but is not applicable retroactively (RD 445/2006). The law does oblige all passengers to use safety belts (RD.965/2006 art 5.1c), obviously when the bus is fitted with them. Urban and short-distance buses are not obliged to have safety belts. All the buses of GRUPO RUIZ have safety belts in all of their seats.

What can I transport with me on the bus?

You are entitled to transport up to 30 Kgs. of luggage free of charge (25 kilos in the case of international services). In addition, you will be able to take small pieces of hand luggage in the passenger area of the bus, with the authorisation of the driver.

Transportation of anything which may contain unpleasant or dangerous objects or materials (inflammable, toxic, corrosive, infectious or radioactive, etc.) will not be admitted, and the same is true of items with excessive or unsuitable volume or weight.

In special cases, you will be able to transport bicycles, surfboards or skis, and pets as well. If a minibus is used, the luggage hold / boot is smaller, so the size and weight of luggage per person has to be reduced.

How heavy can my luggage be?

Passengers are entitled to transport up to 30 Kgs of luggage free of charge, except on international routes (25Kgs), although in all cases this will be adjusted to the load capacity in accordance with the technical specifications of the vehicle. If a minibus is used, the luggage hold / boot is smaller, so the size and weight of luggage per person has to be reduced.

Can I take my pet on the bus?

Yes, if you are accompanied by a guide dog or you take your pet in a suitable pet carrier.

Can you smoke on the bus?

No. Current regulations prohibit smoking in buses.

Who can I contact in the event of an incident?

We are available to attend to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on tel.: 91 297 22 89.

What should I do in the event of loss of luggage or objects?

Occasionally people forget bags, suitcases, backpacks etc. on the buses. If this occurs, you should contact our Customer Service Department and Lost and Found, on tel.: 91 680 33 75.

How can I pay for the requested service?

We adapt to your needs. You can pay by bank transfer, cheque, deposit in current account or cash.

How can I file a complaint?

Any claim or complaint you wish to make can be filed using the contact section of our website.

Can I make suggestions?

Naturally. We welcome and respond to any suggestions or comments. At Grupo Ruiz the quality of the service we dispense is extremely important, and we take any suggestions that may help us improve that service very seriously.
You can make any comments you may wish to transmit through the contact section of our website.