Presentation of the Group

Dedicated to passenger road transport in Spain for over 120 years, GRUPO RUIZ offers mobility solutions in compliance with the most demanding European Union standards of quality and safety.

Its main technical, technological and commercial values, and its proven experience in the management of this activity, acquired throughout the years in one of the most competitive, demanding markets in the world – that of Europe  – have made it one of the most outstanding operators on that market.

As an operational company for one of the most important receiving countries for visitors in our region, GRUPO RUIZ is aware of how essential proper attention to tourism is for a nation, which is why it has developed products specialising in this area, which calls for the highest quality of service.

Similarly, it highlights its values of respect and sensitivity to the society and the environment it operates in. Its concern for the environment has resulted in it becoming one of the principal European transport company groups, a pioneer in the use of Compressed Natural Gas as a source of energy for propulsion of its vehicles, with its own gas supply and compression plants in its installations. It is now the leading private operator in the use of CNG on the Spanish market.

The organisation contains professionals with a great deal of experience in the sector. Their knowledge on this activity has enabled the company to train over 2,000 workers who now form part of it.

All of this has enabled GRUPO RUIZ to become one of the business groups with the best ratings from its transport clients, amongst whom we are proud to include the Spanish and Moroccan Royal Households.

In the realms of sport, for over a decade now GRUPO RUIZ has been the official vehicle of the Getafe C.F. first team. 

GRUPO RUIZ places these values at the service of cities with expanding economies and labour markets, of the stimulation of their society, the extension and rationalization of their communications, an increase in mobility within cities with limited space, of the regions concerned with transmitting an attractive image of modernity beyond their borders for investment and tourism; in short, of institutions willing to provide their citizens a better quality of life.