Social Responsibility

Grupo Ruiz has a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan which establishes the management directives, the purpose of which is to guarantee the basic principles of ethical management and respect for people, society and the environment.

The fundamental pillars established in this CSR Plan are as follows:

  • Minimizing environmental impact
  • Ensuring the motivation and involvement of Human Resources in the continuous improvement of the company
  • Maintaining a close relationship with users and guaranteeing their satisfaction.
  • Extending the CSR commitment to suppliers and subcontracted companies.
  • Promoting, systemising and improving the channels of communications with interest groups.
  • Investing in innovation to provide our services efficiently, safely and accessibly.

Grupo Ruiz has a Special Employment Centre designed to generate jobs for people with both physical and organic disabilities.

Currently it has a workforce of more than 45 people, all of whom are disabled. All the personnel who make up SIE 2000 SL are trained in the centre, and are sufficiently qualified to perform the different activities carried out on the labour market. These members of staff undergo a continuous retraining process either in the centre itself or in recognised training centres belonging to our suppliers.