GRUPO RUIZ is a pioneer in the use of technology applied to transport.

Of the many resources currently available, our company has experience in:

  • GPRS location and fleet management systems
  • Electronic ticketing management systems
  • Electronic on-board passenger counting systems
  • Real-time electronic information screens at bus stops
  • CAN BUS electronic energy efficiency in driving management system
  • On-board video surveillance systems
  • Electronic transport network planning systems for optimisation of fleet management.
In passenger transportation, quality is closely linked to the company’s ability to adapt swiftly to all the everyday circumstances of the service,

The satisfaction of users will depend on this ability which, summing up, translates into the fulfilment of punctuality objectives of the service timetables.

Management of the fleet from the Control Centre enables us to fulfil this commitment and guarantee the full satisfaction of users.

The SAE system provides the tools necessary for location and management of vehicles, regulation of the routes and permanent communication between drivers and the control centres.

All of the operations owned by GRUPO RUIZ have this system, which allows detailed information of the service to be gathered with regard to kilometres, fulfilment of timetables, passengers per stop, etc., enabling us to monitor the evolution of supply and demand in detail and take the most appropriate steps to improve the service.

The details obtained from the SAE are analysed as indicators both of transmission of a quality service, and of the perception of the same.

GRUPO RUIZ is experienced in implantation of high-performance SAE designed especially for urban environments, with availability of numerous tools for the everyday management, running and coordination in real time of the transport service. Each one of these elements is managed.


GRUPO RUIZ offers public transport users a free Internet access service via WIFI on board buses.

In this way, a public wireless network is created inside buses, visible for any devices passengers may carry, with active WIFI connectivity in the bus environment (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, etc.)

When users access the on-board WIFI network, a service presentation web page appears (prior to navigation) offering information on the transport company and all the details of the service.

Through this service, we manage to increase loyalty amongst users of the service, attract more users to this mode of transport and improve accessibility to information on the service.

As with the elements described above, GRUPO RUIZ has ample experience in the implantation of video surveillance systems in the fleet which guarantee both the safety of users of the service and of the company personnel.

The on-board video surveillance system used notably increases the perception of safety and quality of the service for citizens.

The functioning consists of the capture of images from different angles which are saved, processed and transferred to a massive archive system located in the control centre, either in real time through GPRS communications if there is an emergency during the service, or later on, through USB devices or using WIFI links. In the event of an incident on board, the driver presses the emergency button and the EMERGENCY functioning is activated, which initiates the sending of images to the Control Centre for their visualization on-line in real time. The images are stored in high quality on the equipment permanently on board until being downloaded onto the company’s central systems.