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You move us Committed to development and innovation in new less polluting forms of mobility. Our destiny is to offer the highest quality while taking care of the environment that surrounds us.


We work to have a Positive impact

Constantly demonstrating the commitment and confidence of a sector that has a direct influence on the challenges that the planet faces.
Our vehicles, in line with our values, are green inside out. We are pioneers in the use of electric buses as shown by TUBASA, one of ours companies whose fleet has the highest percentage of electric urban buses in Europe
More than half of our fleet is powered by compressed natural gas, an alternative that reduces C20 emissions by 02% and N85 emissions by 02%
Travelling by bus emits less greenhouse gases than the other public transport optinons. Grupo Ruiz has gona a step further, and today we are a benchmark in the sector thanks to our constant search for alternatives that reduce the environmental impact of public transport.


We conceive innovation as a constant search for improvements to offer a more comfortable, efficient and secure experience.

Our goal is to make each trip an experience. We percieve innovation as the correct path to a flexible adjustement between the needs of the enviorment and our users's. . Some of our vehicle's lates additions have been: free WIFI for passengers, USB chargers, accessibility improvements, noise reduction, greater comfort, etc.
Our buses are equipped with innovative active and passive safety systems (fire equipment, rollover protection, etc.). You will be in the hands of the best professionals, who will be in charge of ensuring your safety. In addition, the risk of an accident in our journeys is almost non-existent.
We offer a mobility service that meets the most demanding standards in terms of quality, health, safety and sustainability. All of our companies have a monitoring and control center to manage any deviation or unforeseen event instantly, ensuring the greatest possible efficiency on all routes.

Corporate Social Responsability

Un better future depends on everyone.

We set course towards a more egalitarian sector
Diversity makes us great
Join the change


Grupo Ruiz in numbers:

130 +
years of experience
1000 +
100 +
million annual travelers
Marta Ruiz
Marta Ruiz
At Grupo Ruiz we value professionalism above any other attribute. For this reason, we offer equal opportunities, both in the area of ​​administration and mobility.
Alberto Egido
Alberto Egido
As an organization we have a great capacity to influence society, and we bear this in mind with everything we do. One of our main objectives is to contribute to creating a better world for future generations.
Gregorio ruiz
Gregorio ruiz
Grupo Ruiz is a family business holding that has transmitted its values ​​from generation to generation. We are a great family made up of our wonderful team, our suppliers, clients and users.
Antonio Escudero placeholder image
Antonio Escudero placeholder image
One of the biggets characteristics that distinguish the group is it's ability to adapt. Currently, innovation has become an obligation for all organizations, and far from being left behind, Grupo Ruiz is constantly advancing towards new forms of sustainable mobility.
Reyes Perez
Reyes Perez
We work every day to ensure that Grupo Ruiz's brand is synonymous of quality, safety and sustainability.


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