Inspire Madrid


started in 2021

Inspira Madrid is an innovative project at a social and environmental level. Aims to improve air qualitye of the Community of Madrid through the decarbonization of urban public mobility in a period of 5 years.





How are we going to do it?

Creating a new Madrid transport model powered by green hydrogen, the city's CO2 emissions will be drastically reduced, as well as the carbon footprint, and N0x particles. Apart from benefiting the environment, improving air quality will protect the health of the people of Madrid.

Inspira Madrid acts effectively on the problem of emissions in mobility in Madrid (land transport accounts for 55% of CO2 emissions in the region).
The green hydrogen vehicles They are a perfect solution to this problem since they are capable of carrying out any type of transport service without changing their modus-operandi. They offer autonomy and refueling time similar to that of a combustion vehicle, preserving the effectiveness and quality of the service, and adding great environmental efficiency to it.


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