Grupo Ruiz carries out a Christmas Food Collection for the third time

Grupo Ruiz carries out a Christmas Food Collection for the third time

Thanks to the collaboration of all Grupo Ruiz employees, the San Ramon de Nonato Parish will receive the team's donations for the third time on Christmas Day.

Since December 13, Grupo Ruiz staff have been donating food, as well as clothing and toys at the group's facilities. The solidarity campaign has lasted 1 week and, thanks to the contributions of the employees, several boxes have been filled ready to be delivered by the San Ramon de Nonato Parish on Christmas Day among the most vulnerable families.

It all started in 2019, as a result of the difficult situation that erupted after the global pandemic of COVID-19. Grupo Ruiz launched a charity food collection, and thanks to its constant success, it has decided to implement the tradition by continuing it year after year.    

Despite the fact that the health crisis of 2019 has improved, the country is currently facing new challenges that have generated a global economic crisis, increasing the poverty rate in Spain and the precariousness that more and more people face daily. families. For this reason, in these moments of adversity, it is of great importance to continue these types of initiatives that will provide a little boost to those who need it most.

"On these very important dates, we must be grateful for what we have and lend a hand to the families who are suffering the serious consequences of the current situation," he says. Alberto Egido, General Director of the group, in addition to emphasizing the commitment of the group's staff to society, who are solely responsible for giving meaning to the project.

December 22, 2022, Madrid